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Who Is the Best Private Jet Charter Company?

A lot of businesses today prefer chartering jets rather than buying them for their executives. It is costly to pay aircraft staff, maintain a plane, pay for storage, and pay for all the required licenses. Many business owners don’t want the overhead costs of owning a plane when they only travel a few places every month.

Private jet charters provide the convenience of having a jet ready to fly within a few minutes without the expense of owning one. It is no wonder the number of charter jet companies is rising. If you are weighing the pros and cons of jet charters versus purchasing a plane, examine whether the costs of chartering outweigh the costs and inconveniences of buying one.

What is the difference between a private jet charter company and an air charter broker? A private jet charter company owns the jet and is usually in charge of filling their airplane seats. An air charter broker acts as an agent between a private jet charter company and the clients purchasing the seats.

Types Of Charter Plans

As a business executive looking for an airplane to charter, you need to be aware of the different chartering arrangements. These include:

Air Charter: Renting an entire aircraft is called air chartering. You can choose between different types of aircraft to fit your needs, from small to mid-sized jets and helicopters. Unlike airlines where you have to wait for the airline schedule, air chartering works with your itinerary.

Jet Pooling: Just like carpooling, jet pooling is when you share your jet services with other people just like an airline. All the passengers pay per seat for the jet or on a pro rata arrangement. Jet pooling gives you all the benefits of using a private plane minus the expenses.

Fractional Jets: Sometimes, chartering is not enough for your business needs. If you want an arrangement where you have more control over the airplane, you can opt for fractional jets where you buy shares of a plane. You will then be entitled to anywhere from 50 to 100 hours a year or some days of the years. You will need to contribute to the maintenance of the airplane.

Air Taxi: Air Taxi works like cab services where you hire a jet for cargo and passengers on demand.

Best Private Jet Charter Company

Are you a business executive wondering the name of the best private jet charter company? Check out this list of the best private jet charter companies:

Premier Private Jets

When it comes to world-class service and top-notch safety, nothing comes close to Premier Private Jet’s service. They are a reliable charter jet service with ARG/US GOLD and WYVERN WINGMAN certifications so you can confidently book their charter service to your preferred destinations.

Choose from over 1000 jets ranging from mid to large cabins that they carefully handpick to meet the strictest safety standards. The next time you take a trip to the Caribbean or anywhere in North America, book a custom charter flight with 24/7 booking and a 100% customer satisfaction record.

Complement your busy executive lifestyle with a luxurious flight to a meeting or for leisure.


If you are tired of booking a business class in commercial airlines and want something more convenient, getting a private jet charter is the next best thing other than owning a private plane.

Private jet charter companies offer options for both their top-tier clients as well as anyone without the financial muscle. Choose a plan that works well for you — on a shared flight, on-demand, or fractional ownership.