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What Is the Charter Rate for Executive Jets?

Executive jets are like time machines – they provide incredible time savings for business owners, managers, and individuals looking to control their schedules, balance their lives, and open up new opportunities and collaborations.

While private air travel comes with a lot of possibilities, how much is that pleasure going to cost you? What is the common rate for an executive jet charter? Is there a formula that will help you calculate the exact amount you need to pay?

Before we reveal the prices, let’s see the benefits you’ll enjoy from booking an executive jet.

The Perks of an Executive Jet Charter

Today, many reputable businesses and corporations use executive jet charters to save their customers time in avoiding long check-ins for commercial flights. Most private jets are available for flights of your choice from the local airport to the airport at your preferred destination. The biggest perk is that they are flexible in fitting your busy schedule and adapting to your business travel plan.

While saving time on long check-ins is a good enough reason to consider an executive jet charter, here are a few other benefits that will convince you that private aircraft is something you deserve:

  • Fly on routes of your choice (something that scheduled airlines don’t offer)
  • No more delays
  • Extra comfort to prepare for your upcoming business meeting
  • Increased privacy – you can travel from and to private jet terminals
  • Flexible check-in time (you can check in 15 minutes before your flight)

When it comes to booking an executive jet charter, you have a few options – you can book a small plane for a short trip between cities, a large airplane that can accommodate a whole department or business team, or a well-appointed business jet for longer trips. Different options come with different price models. How much the aircraft costs to operate and the value it delivers to clients will determine the charter rate for booking an executive jet.

Reap the Benefits Without the Cost of Maintaining a Personal Aircraft

For those who want to enjoy the comfort and leisure of a private jet but don’t want to face the expenses of owning one, chartering is the best solution. You’ll get all the perks we’ve talked about without the ownership burden, including maintenance, crew, and infrastructure.

Chartering executive jets allows you to choose the most suitable aircraft for your trip, the length of your travel, and the number of passengers.

Executive Jets Hourly Charter Rates

Each aircraft comes with a set of operating costs like maintenance expenses, fuel, and crew. A larger jet with extra amenities and features that can travel between countries and continents will cost more than a smaller aircraft used to travel between cities. These and other factors help the operator determine the charter rate for any executive jet.

The cost may vary from $2,000 to $10,000 per flight hour. The most economical jets, such as turboprops, light jets, and executive light jets, cost around $3,000 per flight hour. The midsize and super-midsize jets cost around $5,000 to $6,000 per flight hour, and large and ultra-long jets cost more than $6,000 per hour, possibly higher than $10,000 for international flights. Ultra-luxury executive VIP aircrafts such as ACKs and BBJs may cost between $11,000 and $18,000 per flight hour.

Here are the main factors that help determine the overall price of charting an executive jet:

  • Aircraft category – the bigger the aircraft, the more expensive it is to book.
  • Aircraft type – depending on the aircraft type, the final price for booking an executive jet may vary. You can expect price variations from $200 to $2,000.
  • Age of aircraft – the rental rate of a newer aircraft is higher than that of an older one. Prices may vary from $100 to $1,000.

How to Charter an Executive Jet

Premier Private Jets can help match your travel needs with the ideal solution that fits your budget. As a premium executor for private jet charter services, we can transform your flight experience and provide you with the comfort and leisure you deserve.

The personal trip planner can tailor the entire flying experience to your demands, including ground transportation, hotel accommodations, in-flight catering, and much more. Do time, speed, productivity, quality service, and convenience matter to you when traveling for business? If so, Premier Private Jets is your opportunity to improve the way you fly.

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