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Private Jet Charter Membership

A recent Forbes survey indicates that travelers looking to book private jets have over 65 variables to consider before making a move. But you don’t have to dig up a bunch of variables. A private jet charter membership eliminates all that extra effort, making private jet bookings fast and easy.

Whether you’re flying for business or holiday, the Premier Jets Charter membership program gives you the freedom to travel. Since 2013, we’ve been able to build a solid reputation as leaders in the private jet charter services industry.

What Is a Private Jet Charter Membership?

Private jet charter membership is the ultimate way to fly. This program allows travelers to fly as much as they like by offering flexibility and fixed hourly operating costs.

The membership option is an attractive feature for the millennial business and market owners alike. It enables professionals to enjoy the experience and amenities that business aviation offers without owning an aircraft.

How It Works

The Premier Private Jets Card provides a leading solution for businesses and individuals looking for essential travel solutions. Our membership program takes the guesswork and other variables out of booking a private jet. This program features the ultimate in flexibility with various options that provide you with personalized solutions specific to your needs.

We offer seamless and unique private jet charter services, a unique blend of meticulous aviation expertise, first-rate hospitality, and a client-oriented focus personalized to meet your specific needs. Our private jet charter membership is a flexible arrangement that allows customers to purchase flying hours based at a fixed price. This program offers travelers guaranteed availability on private flights without the hassle of hidden fees or extra charges.

Simply purchase a block of 25 or 50 hours on a private jet and start traveling whenever you like. You can even buy additional hours, depending on your needs. Our comprehensive pricing includes landing fees, FET taxes, and fuel surcharges — charges that only apply to the times you use the jet. This flexible and more-affordable option can help you start enjoying convenient private jet charter services.

Features of Private Jet Charter Membership

Here is what you can expect when you enroll for a charter membership:

Security and Safety

At Premier Private Jets, we take the safety of our clients seriously. Our attention to detail and commitment to security makes us the first choice for luxury private jet charters. We voluntarily adhere to best-in-class safety organizations like ARG/US. We’ve also integrated Safety Management Systems (SMS) throughout the company. Before a plane takes off, it goes through a thorough flight risk assessment.

All our pilots go through a three-step interview and complete background checks to ensure they’re qualified to the highest level. With these safety measures in place, our clients can travel confidently, knowing their safety is assured, and their travel experience is first class.

Guaranteed Clean Air

Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms thrive in confined spaces. With this in mind, we’ve invested in the highest quality microbial control system and surface protectant that eliminate 99.9% of these contaminants to make the air as clean as possible during your flight.

This system meets and exceeds the standards for the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


Our private jet charter is tailored just for you. Services are flexible, unique, and available on-demand when you need it most.


Our charter membership offers guaranteed availability without the inconvenience of hidden costs and extra charges.

What Are the Perks of Premier Private Jets Membership?

Costs: This is one of the main advantages of private jet charter membership. Compared to owning an aircraft, charter jets provide a more cost-effective travel solution. Charter memberships give you the ability to fly virtually anywhere without owning or maintaining a private jet.

The costs of a private jet membership vary based on the plan you choose. Premier Private Jets offers four membership levels, each one with travel benefits and aircraft models from which to choose.

Luxury: When you hire a private jet, you expect to enjoy a luxurious experience. At Premier Jets Charter, we go above and beyond the standard for luxury private jet charter services. Stepping aboard our jets feels like entering a sanctuary.

We offer the perfect balance between modern luxuries and old-fashioned ethical values that have enabled us to provide unmatched private travel experience.

Guaranteed Flight Availability: Rather than being at the mercy of an airline, a membership plan allows you to choose your flight at the most convenient time for your business.

We arrange each trip to your request. All it takes is one phone call, and your jet will be waiting for you in as little as 10 hours’ notice.

Fixed Pricing: On-demand flight charters base their pricing on aircraft availability and positioning. You can incur additional fees when you need to use the plane.

With a private jet charter membership, you will not have to worry about market-driven price fluctuations or need to shop for quotes or pay invoices. All you need to do is pay once upfront, and you are good to go.

Preferred-client Consistency: At Premier Private Jets, we understand your flying needs, which is why we provide the height of service you deserve. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with comfort and convenience, all the while paying attention to detail.

How Much Does Premier Jets Charter Membership Cost?

Our membership is available as a 25- or a 50-hour package. Although prices vary depending on the type of plan you choose, all clubs feature all-inclusive hourly pricing without signups or monthly or interchange fees, including peak-day surges or blackout dates. This membership program gives you access to all the benefits of a purely private experience minus the costs associated with ownership.

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, the Premier Jet Card program provides an unforgettable personalized experience. The program curates tailored experiences that suit your travel needs.

We guarantee flexibility, comfort, and convenience with transparent fixed fees, zero maintenance cost, no hidden charges, and no multi-year commitments. To learn more about our private jet charter membership, contact us today.