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Where To Charter a Private Jet

My family was planning to make an emergency visit to a sick in-law in Boston when coronavirus hit. Nobody expected it would turn out this way, and so before we could even make the next move, passengers were canceling their flights for fear of the unknown.

The thousand-and-one checks and the crowd phobia made public transportation look unthinkable. But somebody mentioned private jet services, and that is when we started looking for where to charter a private jet. Here’s what I found out:


Have any of your friends or relatives used private jets before? Do you follow influencers who charter private jets? Or do you belong to a private group or network where private jets are a subject of discussion?

Whether you know the person individually or not, your network of real-life and online connections can be a great source of information. You can also find beneficial information using hashtags such as #privatejets on Twitter. Or search a private charter directory to see which one is ideal for you.

Direct Booking

If you have chartered a private jet before, you may still have that one reliable contact. Or maybe you researched private jet charter companies online and found a company you want to try. Write down the company’s contact information and call them the next time you want to charter a jet.

Most private jet companies have functional emails and can be reached directly by phone all day long. For reliable private jet charter, contact us for advice.

Factors To Consider When Chartering Private Jets

If you are a frequent flyer, the following can help you save money:

Payment plan: When researching private jet charter companies, think about how much money you have or want to spend. You do not always need cash in hand to enjoy a private plane. Many companies, such as Sentient, Tradewind, and Solairus, allow you to pay later. All you need is a small deposit to get started.

Fractional ownership plan: If you plan to fly often, it is better to own than pay per flight. You can buy a private jet, or you can buy a share of a plane. Fractional ownership has made it possible since 1986 for frequent flyers to own a share of an aircraft at an affordable rate.

Introduced by NetJets, the concept has become quite popular among charter operators in the U.S. and abroad. You can own a fraction of a private plane from $100k. The most common is a 1/16 share, which gives you 50 hours of flying time. You can use a different plane each time you fly, depending on the company policy and aircraft availability.

Jet cards: Some companies allow you to buy several hours that you can use any time you want to fly. Though this is not the same as fractional ownership, you get a jet card for the number of hours you purchased. Premier Private Jets charter company has cards for light jets, midsize jets, super mid and heavy jets with a varying number of bonus hours.

Membership:  Did you know that you can save on private jet fees by joining as a regular member? Yearly membership fees work like a club membership and grant you access all year long. Wheels Up has this kind of arrangement.

Online brokers: Sometimes the people you know are not in a position to recommend a good charter operator. And maybe reading through countless online threads leaves you without a recommendation. You can always turn to online brokers. The U.S. alone has over 2000 charter operators listed in charter directories. You can find a list of those brokers alongside their contact details on Charter Brokers.

Here are Premier Private Jets, we have access to thousands of private jet listings based on aircraft type, company, price, registration number, model, serial number, year, overhaul time, load, number of seats, make and more. Our directory can help you determine your needs and likes and what type of plane you would like to charter.

Choosing an Online Broker

Qualifications and experience: FAA-certification is not enough. There is safety in numbers. Any broker who has been in business for long is likely to have significant experience. Consider the type of aircraft they have on their certificate, interior equipment, number of aircraft available, number of crew members, flight experience, and background.

Security and safety: You want to feel secure while you’re in the sky. Nobody wants to have fears of crashing while in the air. Has your chosen private jet charter company been involved in accidents, malpractice, or been accused of poor aircraft maintenance? Audit reports can give you insights on how a company compares to others. Check the operator’s Wyvern Wingman rating as well as ARG/US Gold safety rating.

You need to ensure that the crew members have experience in security training and response should anything happen in the air. Crew members should take part in regular training for security measures and have tolerable work schedules that give them enough time to rest between flights, which are vital to passenger safety. In-flight equipment such as a first aid kit and defibrillators are essential for your in-flight safety.

Customer service: In addition to providing sufficient crew, including an in-flight attendant, your preferred company must offer excellent customer service. If you need support, it’s imperative they give a quick response.

Some questions to ask:

  • How will the crew treat you when you’re on the flight?
  • How is the jet charter operator’s customer service rating?
  • Are they always on time, or do they have a track record of delays?
  • Do they handle issues as they come, or do they leave clients frustrated?

Companies such as Premier Private Jets, with a nationwide presence and 24/7 customer support, are an ideal choice.

Insurance: You will need proper insurance while you’re in the air. Confirm that the operator’s insurance provider is up to date. And check the policy terms, including limits and extra charges, if any.

Preparation Pays Off

These important steps in locating a reliable private jet charter company will prevent you from being caught off-guard in case you ever unexpectedly need a private jet charter.

These important preparation tips will also help turn the stress of business trip or vacation jet chartering into worry-free travel.