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Who Is the Best Private Jet Charter Company?

A lot of businesses today prefer chartering jets rather than buying them for their executives. It is costly to pay aircraft staff, maintain a plane, pay for storage, and pay for all the required licenses. Many business owners don’t want the overhead costs of owning a plane when they only travel a few places every month.

Private jet charters provide the convenience of having a jet ready to fly within a few minutes without the expense of owning one. It is no wonder the number of charter jet companies is rising. If you are weighing the pros and cons of jet charters versus purchasing a plane, examine whether the costs of chartering outweigh the costs and inconveniences of buying one.

What is the difference between a private jet charter company and an air charter broker? A private jet charter company owns the jet and is usually in charge of filling their airplane seats. An air charter broker acts as an agent between a private jet charter company and the clients purchasing the seats.

Types Of Charter Plans

As a business executive looking for an airplane to charter, you need to be aware of the different chartering arrangements. These include:

Air Charter: Renting an entire aircraft is called air chartering. You can choose between different types of aircraft to fit your needs, from small to mid-sized jets and helicopters. Unlike airlines where you have to wait for the airline schedule, air chartering works with your itinerary.

Jet Pooling: Just like carpooling, jet pooling is when you share your jet services with other people just like an airline. All the passengers pay per seat for the jet or on a pro rata arrangement. Jet pooling gives you all the benefits of using a private plane minus the expenses.

Fractional Jets: Sometimes, chartering is not enough for your business needs. If you want an arrangement where you have more control over the airplane, you can opt for fractional jets where you buy shares of a plane. You will then be entitled to anywhere from 50 to 100 hours a year or some days of the years. You will need to contribute to the maintenance of the airplane.

Air Taxi: Air Taxi works like cab services where you hire a jet for cargo and passengers on demand.

Best Private Jet Charter Company

Are you a business executive wondering the name of the best private jet charter company? Check out this list of the best private jet charter companies:

Premier Private Jets

When it comes to world-class service and top-notch safety, nothing comes close to Premier Private Jet’s service. They are a reliable charter jet service with ARG/US GOLD and WYVERN WINGMAN certifications so you can confidently book their charter service to your preferred destinations.

Choose from over 1000 jets ranging from mid to large cabins that they carefully handpick to meet the strictest safety standards. The next time you take a trip to the Caribbean or anywhere in North America, book a custom charter flight with 24/7 booking and a 100% customer satisfaction record.

Complement your busy executive lifestyle with a luxurious flight to a meeting or for leisure.


If you are tired of booking a business class in commercial airlines and want something more convenient, getting a private jet charter is the next best thing other than owning a private plane.

Private jet charter companies offer options for both their top-tier clients as well as anyone without the financial muscle. Choose a plan that works well for you — on a shared flight, on-demand, or fractional ownership.

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Where To Charter a Private Jet

My family was planning to make an emergency visit to a sick in-law in Boston when coronavirus hit. Nobody expected it would turn out this way, and so before we could even make the next move, passengers were canceling their flights for fear of the unknown.

The thousand-and-one checks and the crowd phobia made public transportation look unthinkable. But somebody mentioned private jet services, and that is when we started looking for where to charter a private jet. Here’s what I found out:


Have any of your friends or relatives used private jets before? Do you follow influencers who charter private jets? Or do you belong to a private group or network where private jets are a subject of discussion?

Whether you know the person individually or not, your network of real-life and online connections can be a great source of information. You can also find beneficial information using hashtags such as #privatejets on Twitter. Or search a private charter directory to see which one is ideal for you.

Direct Booking

If you have chartered a private jet before, you may still have that one reliable contact. Or maybe you researched private jet charter companies online and found a company you want to try. Write down the company’s contact information and call them the next time you want to charter a jet.

Most private jet companies have functional emails and can be reached directly by phone all day long. For reliable private jet charter, contact us for advice.

Factors To Consider When Chartering Private Jets

If you are a frequent flyer, the following can help you save money:

Payment plan: When researching private jet charter companies, think about how much money you have or want to spend. You do not always need cash in hand to enjoy a private plane. Many companies, such as Sentient, Tradewind, and Solairus, allow you to pay later. All you need is a small deposit to get started.

Fractional ownership plan: If you plan to fly often, it is better to own than pay per flight. You can buy a private jet, or you can buy a share of a plane. Fractional ownership has made it possible since 1986 for frequent flyers to own a share of an aircraft at an affordable rate.

Introduced by NetJets, the concept has become quite popular among charter operators in the U.S. and abroad. You can own a fraction of a private plane from $100k. The most common is a 1/16 share, which gives you 50 hours of flying time. You can use a different plane each time you fly, depending on the company policy and aircraft availability.

Jet cards: Some companies allow you to buy several hours that you can use any time you want to fly. Though this is not the same as fractional ownership, you get a jet card for the number of hours you purchased. Premier Private Jets charter company has cards for light jets, midsize jets, super mid and heavy jets with a varying number of bonus hours.

Membership:  Did you know that you can save on private jet fees by joining as a regular member? Yearly membership fees work like a club membership and grant you access all year long. Wheels Up has this kind of arrangement.

Online brokers: Sometimes the people you know are not in a position to recommend a good charter operator. And maybe reading through countless online threads leaves you without a recommendation. You can always turn to online brokers. The U.S. alone has over 2000 charter operators listed in charter directories. You can find a list of those brokers alongside their contact details on Charter Brokers.

Here are Premier Private Jets, we have access to thousands of private jet listings based on aircraft type, company, price, registration number, model, serial number, year, overhaul time, load, number of seats, make and more. Our directory can help you determine your needs and likes and what type of plane you would like to charter.

Choosing an Online Broker

Qualifications and experience: FAA-certification is not enough. There is safety in numbers. Any broker who has been in business for long is likely to have significant experience. Consider the type of aircraft they have on their certificate, interior equipment, number of aircraft available, number of crew members, flight experience, and background.

Security and safety: You want to feel secure while you’re in the sky. Nobody wants to have fears of crashing while in the air. Has your chosen private jet charter company been involved in accidents, malpractice, or been accused of poor aircraft maintenance? Audit reports can give you insights on how a company compares to others. Check the operator’s Wyvern Wingman rating as well as ARG/US Gold safety rating.

You need to ensure that the crew members have experience in security training and response should anything happen in the air. Crew members should take part in regular training for security measures and have tolerable work schedules that give them enough time to rest between flights, which are vital to passenger safety. In-flight equipment such as a first aid kit and defibrillators are essential for your in-flight safety.

Customer service: In addition to providing sufficient crew, including an in-flight attendant, your preferred company must offer excellent customer service. If you need support, it’s imperative they give a quick response.

Some questions to ask:

  • How will the crew treat you when you’re on the flight?
  • How is the jet charter operator’s customer service rating?
  • Are they always on time, or do they have a track record of delays?
  • Do they handle issues as they come, or do they leave clients frustrated?

Companies such as Premier Private Jets, with a nationwide presence and 24/7 customer support, are an ideal choice.

Insurance: You will need proper insurance while you’re in the air. Confirm that the operator’s insurance provider is up to date. And check the policy terms, including limits and extra charges, if any.

Preparation Pays Off

These important steps in locating a reliable private jet charter company will prevent you from being caught off-guard in case you ever unexpectedly need a private jet charter.

These important preparation tips will also help turn the stress of business trip or vacation jet chartering into worry-free travel.

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Private Jet Charter Membership

A recent Forbes survey indicates that travelers looking to book private jets have over 65 variables to consider before making a move. But you don’t have to dig up a bunch of variables. A private jet charter membership eliminates all that extra effort, making private jet bookings fast and easy.

Whether you’re flying for business or holiday, the Premier Jets Charter membership program gives you the freedom to travel. Since 2013, we’ve been able to build a solid reputation as leaders in the private jet charter services industry.

What Is a Private Jet Charter Membership?

Private jet charter membership is the ultimate way to fly. This program allows travelers to fly as much as they like by offering flexibility and fixed hourly operating costs.

The membership option is an attractive feature for the millennial business and market owners alike. It enables professionals to enjoy the experience and amenities that business aviation offers without owning an aircraft.

How It Works

The Premier Private Jets Card provides a leading solution for businesses and individuals looking for essential travel solutions. Our membership program takes the guesswork and other variables out of booking a private jet. This program features the ultimate in flexibility with various options that provide you with personalized solutions specific to your needs.

We offer seamless and unique private jet charter services, a unique blend of meticulous aviation expertise, first-rate hospitality, and a client-oriented focus personalized to meet your specific needs. Our private jet charter membership is a flexible arrangement that allows customers to purchase flying hours based at a fixed price. This program offers travelers guaranteed availability on private flights without the hassle of hidden fees or extra charges.

Simply purchase a block of 25 or 50 hours on a private jet and start traveling whenever you like. You can even buy additional hours, depending on your needs. Our comprehensive pricing includes landing fees, FET taxes, and fuel surcharges — charges that only apply to the times you use the jet. This flexible and more-affordable option can help you start enjoying convenient private jet charter services.

Features of Private Jet Charter Membership

Here is what you can expect when you enroll for a charter membership:

Security and Safety

At Premier Private Jets, we take the safety of our clients seriously. Our attention to detail and commitment to security makes us the first choice for luxury private jet charters. We voluntarily adhere to best-in-class safety organizations like ARG/US. We’ve also integrated Safety Management Systems (SMS) throughout the company. Before a plane takes off, it goes through a thorough flight risk assessment.

All our pilots go through a three-step interview and complete background checks to ensure they’re qualified to the highest level. With these safety measures in place, our clients can travel confidently, knowing their safety is assured, and their travel experience is first class.

Guaranteed Clean Air

Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms thrive in confined spaces. With this in mind, we’ve invested in the highest quality microbial control system and surface protectant that eliminate 99.9% of these contaminants to make the air as clean as possible during your flight.

This system meets and exceeds the standards for the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the Federal Aviation Administration.


Our private jet charter is tailored just for you. Services are flexible, unique, and available on-demand when you need it most.


Our charter membership offers guaranteed availability without the inconvenience of hidden costs and extra charges.

What Are the Perks of Premier Private Jets Membership?

Costs: This is one of the main advantages of private jet charter membership. Compared to owning an aircraft, charter jets provide a more cost-effective travel solution. Charter memberships give you the ability to fly virtually anywhere without owning or maintaining a private jet.

The costs of a private jet membership vary based on the plan you choose. Premier Private Jets offers four membership levels, each one with travel benefits and aircraft models from which to choose.

Luxury: When you hire a private jet, you expect to enjoy a luxurious experience. At Premier Jets Charter, we go above and beyond the standard for luxury private jet charter services. Stepping aboard our jets feels like entering a sanctuary.

We offer the perfect balance between modern luxuries and old-fashioned ethical values that have enabled us to provide unmatched private travel experience.

Guaranteed Flight Availability: Rather than being at the mercy of an airline, a membership plan allows you to choose your flight at the most convenient time for your business.

We arrange each trip to your request. All it takes is one phone call, and your jet will be waiting for you in as little as 10 hours’ notice.

Fixed Pricing: On-demand flight charters base their pricing on aircraft availability and positioning. You can incur additional fees when you need to use the plane.

With a private jet charter membership, you will not have to worry about market-driven price fluctuations or need to shop for quotes or pay invoices. All you need to do is pay once upfront, and you are good to go.

Preferred-client Consistency: At Premier Private Jets, we understand your flying needs, which is why we provide the height of service you deserve. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with comfort and convenience, all the while paying attention to detail.

How Much Does Premier Jets Charter Membership Cost?

Our membership is available as a 25- or a 50-hour package. Although prices vary depending on the type of plan you choose, all clubs feature all-inclusive hourly pricing without signups or monthly or interchange fees, including peak-day surges or blackout dates. This membership program gives you access to all the benefits of a purely private experience minus the costs associated with ownership.

Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, the Premier Jet Card program provides an unforgettable personalized experience. The program curates tailored experiences that suit your travel needs.

We guarantee flexibility, comfort, and convenience with transparent fixed fees, zero maintenance cost, no hidden charges, and no multi-year commitments. To learn more about our private jet charter membership, contact us today.

Premier Private Jets Acquires Two New Jets

Premier Private Jets, the Charter industry’s “Best Value Operator”, has added an additional Hawker 400XP and Hawker 800XP bringing its company owned fleet to a total of eight aircraft.  The addition is the latest in Premier’s fleet expansion.  Premier is excited to offer this increased availability to its partners and customers.

Adding additional capacity means that customers can enjoy more opportunity and capability.  In its current offering, Premier Private Jets now offers a convenient mix of light and medium sized jet aircraft.  90% of Premier Private Jets fleet are now WiFI equipped.  Having a variety of private jet offerings means more availability and flexibility for shorter or longer range flights.

President/CEO, Josh Birmingham states, “We are excited to see our continued fleet expansion and what it will provide for our clients and partners”.  The 400XP and 800XP add functionality, capability, and speed that customers look for when booking a private jet charter.  As our company continues to expand our footprint, we are excited to offer a wide range of options to meet travelers needs. 

The Hawker 400XP has a range of 1500 miles and offers inflight WIFI and 7 passenger seating.  The Hawker 800XP has coast-to-coast capability and offers WIFI and 8 passenger seating.  Both aircraft entered service in early 2020 and are available for private jet bookings now.

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How Do You Charter A Private Jet?

Chances are you want to hire a private jet charter for an upcoming family vacation or a crucial business meeting, but like many first-timers, you’re unsure of how to charter one. Shopping around may be a hassle, considering there are so many options.

Most people choose a jet company based on certain personal needs. Once you understand how charters work and what requirements to consider, you’ll be able to select the best company for you.

What Determines the Type of Private Jet To Hire?

When looking for a private jet charter, consider the following matters:

Your Destination

A few questions to consider:

  • Are you traveling near or far? Some companies don’t fly their charters long-distance.
  • Will you be traveling alone or with others? The answer to this question will largely determine the size of the private jet that you will choose. If you are traveling alone, you may want to consider sharing the private jet with other people heading to the same destination.
  • Will you be a frequent flyer? If you are thinking of booking a commuter jet on a regular basis, look into companies that offer membership deals. These memberships are like a budget package and provide advantages for loyal, repeat customers.

Your Traveling Time

If you are traveling for a vacation during the holidays, fares might be a bit higher than the off-season. The growing number of jet companies is good news for customers who want quality service. Premier Private Jets, for instance, has increased its fleet to eight aircraft to expand its availability to customers. On the flipside, variety may mean more difficulty in choosing the best flight option.

So, how do you charter a private jet? The following points can help guide you.

  • Explore all available nearby companies: Find out ticket prices from various charters. Call at least three companies, and request price quotes. You’ll be surprised to know how much quotes can vary. There’s no guarantee that the higher rates, the better the service. Remember to check on other additional charges, such as repositioning fees and take-off fees. By comparing their overall cost, you’ll be able to determine which companies offer an affordable private jet that best fits your needs.
  • Understand all the available options: Numerous charter flight operators exist, and each one is unique. Explore them in-depth before you choose the right one.

    The first option is chartering, which has proven to be the most economical. You will only have to pay a deposit and no other cash upfront when you book — Tradewind Aviation is one company that has such an arrangement.

    The second option is taking advantage of a deal in which the charter operator sells fractional ownership of a single jet for upwards of $100K. NetJets and Marquis offer this option.

    The third option is the jet card. For this option, a type of budget package, you buy a certain number of flight hours from charter companies like Private Jet Services and use the flight hours on various planes.

    The fourth option is the membership model where you pay initiation fees and an annual fee in your second and subsequent years to use a company’s fleet.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

You have the right to know information about the flight you are about to book. Be sure to ask about passenger safety while on the plane, the pilot’s experience (the hours they have flown) and health status, the accident history of the plane operator, and the flight itself, including taxi fees and daily minimums. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Have you ever noticed that when a company operates their own vehicles, their service is better? The same applies to plane operators. Firms that operate a fleet that they own tend to offer better service. So, ask if the operator holds the aircraft. It will give you a hint of what kind of service you are going to get.

Choose a Shared Ride

Sharing a flight with other travelers is like carpooling, and it will lower your fare. If you don’t mind traveling with strangers, look for jet companies like Tradewind Shuttle, which operate in places like New York, Boston, Stowe, and Nantucket.

These jet charter companies work with others as partners. This means one company’s jet takes you for half the journey, and the other company’s jet takes you for the other half of the journey. If you can find such companies in your area, you will enjoy cheaper fares.

Ask for Photos of the Plane

Some private jet companies provide photos of their planes directly on their websites, while others offer details without including the pictures. Be sure to ask if you want to know what their planes look like.

Avoid Unnecessary Luggage

Avoid carrying heavy luggage when traveling on small planes. Charter flights limit luggage weight for balancing purposes. So, always ask about luggage weight restrictions before booking.

Having heavy luggage should not discourage you from using private jets, though. You can arrange in advance to have Ship Sticks or Luggage Forward move your luggage for a small fee.

Join Empty-Leg Email Lists

Flexible flyers can save money on traveling costs by joining empty-leg email lists. These lists notify travelers of discounted flights from companies that send emails whenever such opportunities arise.

You might get a discounted flight to a destination from where the charter doesn’t offer a return flight.

This arrangement leads to a win-win situation — flying an empty leg offsets the company’s expense of returning the plane to its place of origin. Flyers reach their destination with discounted flight fares and the jet company gets its airplane back without incurring any loss.

Know Your Taste

Individual tastes determine what kind of private jet a person will hire. Some travelers like the more spacious cabins and greater luggage capacity of turboprop planes. Other travelers like the faster flights that light jets provide.  Figuring out what you prefer will help you make a decision.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Flight

By following the above guidelines, you will be in an excellent position to charter a private jet with the most suitable options for your needs.

Just How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

Having the luxury of renting a private jet for your travels has many advantages. But how much does a flight on a private jet cost? There are several factors we’ll go over to determine not only the cost, but where you can rent your own private jet.

When planning your trip, you’ll want to note the following:

  • Where are you traveling to? What is the length of the flight? Knowing this will help 
  • How many people will be joining you? Knowing the number of passengers will help determine what size private jet you’ll need. Which brings us to our next question…
  • What size plane do you need or want? If you only have 4 people, a Light Jet will work perfect. However, if you’re looking more around 12 people, with baggage, you’d be better off renting a Super Midsize such a Gulfstream V
  • Do you plan on booking a commuter jet or do you have a jet club membership? A membership has its advantages. Learn more about our Premier Jet Membership
  • When do you plan on traveling? Different times of the year will have different price ranges. 

What To Expect

Having the luxury to travel via a private jet has major advantages. The overall level of service you will receive with Premier Private Jets goes above and beyond anything you’ll experience if you were to book commercial. 

Let’s discuss how safety is regulated when flying privately. At Premier Private Jets, each flight that’s released undergoes a flight risk assessment that scores crew pairing, fatigue, complex airports/airspace, time zone differences, and other variables. These measures are all part of the processes that incorporates our Safety Management System (SMS). Another display of industry leading safety practices utilized at Premier Private Jets.

Private vs First Class

There are a few key differences when comparing renting a private jet and flying first-class on a commercial airline. The biggest difference would be service. The level of service you experience with Premier Private Jets is bar-none. Making a private jet rental is not just booking a trip, it’s creating an experience.

Knowing there are multiple different factors when booking a private jet, prices will vary. According to the NY Times, first-class tickets ended up costing close to $2,000 a person round trip, while chartering an eight-seat Citation III jet was $3,500 each. For that small price difference, booking private is the way to go. 

Why Use Premier Private Jets?

The Premier Private Jets experience is flexible, unique and available when you need it most. Attention to detail and commitment to safety make us the premier choice when it comes to luxury private jet travel. At Premier Private Jets we strive to provide a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Our customers travel with complete confidence knowing that every aspect of their private jet travel experience has been first class.