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Air Charter

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Air Charter Services

Air charter services are the perfect way to offer unparalleled flight experiences for those who are always on the go. When time is of the essence, being available and flexible enough to offer air charter services to individuals and companies is a great way to build a business. Since 2013, Premier Private Jets have focused on providing the best possible flight experience to get you from A to B. Whether your goal is to get quickly to your next meeting across the country or maximize the time you have with your family on a holiday, air charters are the way to go. Your busy schedule deserves a travel service that is both flexible and customizable.
  • Why Choose Premier Private Jets?

    Despite only being in business since 2013, Premier Private Jets is built on decades of experience in the aviation and luxury travel industry from our employees and pilots. We strive to truly understand the needs of our customers and offer creative solutions and services as needed.

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The demand for private air charter service has grown steadily, as the world becomes ever smaller. Traditional commercial airlines find it difficult to fulfill unique needs and provide value, convenience, flexibility, comfort, and luxury all in one package.

If you are one of those that believe that air travel should be a unique and unforgettable experience, then you have come to the right place. Premier Private Jets is a company that excels in providing top-notch air charter services to customers throughout the US and the rest of the world. If you would like to know more about our services or request a quote for a specific air trip, contact us and let our team of experienced professionals put together a proposal for you.

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Private Air Charter Services

Private air charter service is actually the name for the group of air travel services offered by charter companies. Each of the services targets a specific air travel need and these services combine to make up a full portfolio of air travel services. Premier Private Jets offers plenty of air charter services, including but not limited to the following.


  • Air Taxi Service – For when you need to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Avoid traffic jams and busy airport terminals by choosing air taxi services. Our fleet has a variety of planes and helicopters that can meet the needs of even the most demanding schedules.
  • Personal/Family Private Jet Service – A busy work schedule shouldn’t impact quality time with your loved ones. By getting your family and friends on a private jet, you could be in Hawaii or the Caribbean in just a few short hours. It’s the perfect getaway travel that your family will love.
  • Business Jet Charter Service – When commercial airlines cannot meet the demands of your business, it is time to explore the possibility of chartering a business jet. Business jet charters are the perfect way to keep your productivity up while traveling and have all the necessary business facilities and amenities at your disposal, such as conference rooms, work stations, and high-speed internet.
  • Executive Jet Charter Service – As a top-level executive, you might often spend countless hours flying from one end of the globe to another. It is certainly a stressful lifestyle and it can leave a toll on even the strongest individuals. Transform your flight experience by chartering an executive jet. These converted airliners offer top-class VIP facilities and all the privacy and discretion an executive might need.
  • Pet Flights Service – There is no denying how important our pets are to us. They are our friends, companions, emotional support, and partners for life. Those who just cannot separate themselves from their pets for any amount of time should consider using pet flight services. Your furry companion can join you wherever you are in no time.
  • Empty Leg Flights Service – Plenty of air charters are one-way trips, leaving most planes stranded at the drop-off location and having to take an empty flight back to the original airport of departure. The name for these flights is empty leg flights. Utilizing empty leg flights is a great way to save up to 75% on air charter price.
  • Air Freight/Cargo – Sometimes the value and importance of the cargo are so high, that chartering a plane to transport it quickly is the best option. Some cargo is sensitive and needs special handle and care; let professionals transport it safely. 
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Founded in March 2013, Premier Private Jets first opened our corporate offices in Stuart, FL. Premier is the culmination of successful Aviator and Founder, Josh Birmingham's years of experience, industry best practices and unparalleled luxury service.

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