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Committed to Flight Safety

Wingman Certified Operator

Your safety is of the upmost importance

Private Jet Charter Safety


Wyvern is an independent business that ensures operators are using stringent practices. As its highest level of ranking, Wyvern provides the Wingman certification. Here at Premier Private Jets, we are proud of this certification because it means you have picked an operator that has gone the extra mile in security and quality.

Wingman Certified

The Wingman Standard

Operators that attain the Wingman classification have to fulfill the requirements in "The Wingman Standard". They go through a rigorous initial audit and subsequent follow up audits every quarter. These on-site inspections evaluate departments within our company including safety management systems (SMS), flight operations, pilot history and aircraft maintenance

World-class safety standards

Attention to Detail

There is more to the Wyvern Wingman program than the two-day rigorous audits. Wingman Standard operators need to alert Wyvern of any considerable functional modifications. This consists of such modifications as:

  • Any changes in pilot medical information
  • Modifications in insurance providers or coverage amounts
  • Updated pilot background checks

In addition, Wyvern sets stringent minimum pilot hour requirements for all flight crews. Premier Private Jets pilots are required to log a minimum amount of flight hours every 90 days to remain Wyvern-approved.

Feel confident

Stringent Standards

The Wingman Standard remains the highest level of 3rd party audit and evaluation an aircraft operator can obtain. At present, only an estimated 100 companies worldwide have achieved this certification. Wyvern’s ongoing evolution of rigorous standards continues to be recognized for adherence to safety and security procedures. Their dedication to industry best safety practices for aircraft flight operations and performance requirements ensures this result. For private jet customers evaluating their next choice in private jet travel, Premier Private Jets Wingman certification gives you peace of mind knowing the highest level of safety standards in the industry have been obtained.