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Maintaining the Highest Standards


Your safety is of the upmost importance.

Private Jet Charter Safety


The independent ARG/US score system takes a look at an aircraft operators safety history and produces a grade for that operator. ARG/US International established this program over 10 years ago to be the most comprehensive and precise third-party due diligence system for charter operators, purchasers and passengers throughout the world. The scores utilizes an exclusive algorithm that forms the structure of the system.

Gold rated

The ARG/US Standard

Operators that have a security history equivalent to or higher than their peers are supplied with an ARG/US Gold Rating. AR/GUS preserves records on more than 1,000 charter operators with over 400 ARG/US Rated charter operators and more than 5,000 aircraft in addition to 21,000 expert pilots confirmed in their CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) system.

World-class safety standards

Attention to Detail

In order to attain this ranking, ARG/US performs an extensive research study into a variety of databases and other credible sources. Historic details on the commercial certificate, pilots and aircraft identification numbers are compiled to be processed and scored. This information is compared versus an aggregate group with comparable exposures and identifies whether the candidate is qualified for the Gold Rating.

Feel Confident

Stringent Standards

We are proud of our ARG/US Charter Operator Rating here at Premier Private Jets as it shows our adherence to an internationally recognized standard. Through continuous monitoring, quality checks and training, we are dedicated to be known among the best in the aviation industry. We take your safety as seriously as you do and maintaining the highest standards to provide world-class safety and security on our private jet charters.