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Our outstanding programs are designed for your convenience and make owning a jet a more pleasurable experience.

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Premier Program Options

When you enroll in our jet maintenance or management program you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your aircraft is in capable hands. Our goal is to do all the heavy lifting for you so you can sit back and take it easy on your next flight.

You can depend on our team of experts to maintain your jet or completely manage all of the day to day operations of owning it. Whatever your needs may be, we’re here to fulfill them in a professional and accurate manner.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations and maintaining a long term business association.

premier maintenance

Private Jet Maintenance

Take advantage of this superb program for the very best jet maintenance services. Your jet will be maintained by experienced mechanics who have the knowledge and experience to keep your aircraft in perfect working order. You can expect the same level of service that our own fleet receives on a regular basis. If you want your jet to stay in superior condition, this is the program you’ve been looking for.

Our aircraft maintenance program was created to fill the need for a quality jet maintenance provider on the Treasure Coast. You’ll be able to access the same expert maintenance services that our fleet receives on a regular basis. Those services are provided by the top mechanics in the aviation industry. Their years of experience allow them to provide dependable consultation and fast solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

World Class Jet Maintenance Services

When you use our reliable maintenance services, you prevent unnecessary damage to your aircraft and catch small problems before they turn big. This is essential if you want to maintain the value of your jet and feel safe and secure flying it. We proudly specialize in the following jet services:

  • Fast phase inspection
  • Document inspection
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Engine removal
  • Engine installation
  • AOG mobile jet support
  • Airborne support
  • Maintenance management programs
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Engine boroscope video
  • Freon air conditioning unit servicing
  • Battery reconditioning
  • Full avionics installations
  • Plus more

If you need a service that you don’t see listed above please let us know immediately. Our staff of mechanics are more than capable of fulfilling all of your jet maintenance needs. Your aircraft will be inspected by our mechanics and then by our pilots. Before it goes back to you, it will be cleaned by our detailing crew. This ensures that it’s in perfect working order and looks fantastic the next time you fly it. No other maintenance program delivers the same level of quality that you’ll receive from ours.

No Surprises

You’ll always be in full communication with us when we’re maintenancing your aircraft and will know exactly how everything unfolds every step of the way. We will notify you immediately if one of our mechanics uncover something unexpected and will only proceed with that separate issue once we have your direct permission. That’s why you’ll never get a surprise charge on your invoice. We’re honest and accurate with our billing and never charge unexpected fees. When you use our services you can expect integrity at every turn.

Our Commitment to You

When you use our jet maintenance services you’ll get the best service possible. That’s because we’re committed to servicing your jet like it belonged to our own fleet. Everything will be done to perfection and nothing will ever be overlooked. We also believe in making our services as convenient as possible.

Our mechanics are available to provide service to you when you need it the most. You can also depend on us to fly your jet back to your home airport. While you’re in town we can arrange for transportation to one of our gorgeous nearby beaches or to our eclectic downtown area to dine and shop.  At the end of the day, our goal is to return your jet to you in better condition than you brought it to us.

Own your jet without any hassle

Private Jet Management

If you want to have a jet available to fly at a moment’s notice but simply do not have the time to deal with all of the responsibilities involved with owning one, then you’ll enjoy this program. You’ll be interested to know that when you take part in our management program you’ll have access to a team of professionals who will expertly handle every detail of jet ownership for you.

Just because you own a jet doesn’t mean you have to pour hours into managing it. After all, a private jet is supposed to save you time, not take more of it out of your day.

That’s where our jet management services comes into play. You can go about your life and we’ll take care of every facet of owning a jet. In essence, the responsibility of managing a jet will be shifted off of your shoulders and will be placed in our competent hands. This allows you to enjoy dependable travel and feel secure knowing your jet is in the best hands possible.

Services That Save You Money

When executed correctly, these services actually save you money in the long run. Here’s what you can expect better prices on:

  • Fuel - Save on retail fuel prices.
  • Maintenance - Receive discounts on parts and labor.
  • Insurance - Sign up for lower rates and improved coverage.
  • Hangar - Get a better price with us.
  • Crew training - Take advantage of significant discounts

You can only get these kinds of prices when you use our jet maintenance programs, as they’re not available to the general public in most cases. Additionally you can defray the cost of owning a jet by allowing us to charter it out for you or dry leasing it.

You’ll also have access to:

  • Our experienced and knowledgeable flight crew
  • Our reliable and professional maintenance staff
  • Our fleet of luxury jets at special pricing
  • Travel services to arrange your car and hotel needs
  • Professional cleaning of your jet before and after every flight
  • Detailed financial reporting

We realize that everyone has different needs for their business jet travel and that’s exactly why we offer custom solutions for all of of our clients. If you’re tired of a one-size-fits-all jet management service then working with us will be a breath of fresh air. Our aviation managers are waiting to hearing from you soon and are ready to answer any questions you have about this program. We look forward to a lasting and successful relationship with you.

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