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Just How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet?

Having the luxury of renting a private jet for your travels has many advantages. But how much does a flight on a private jet cost? There are several factors we’ll go over to determine not only the cost, but where you can rent your own private jet.

When planning your trip, you’ll want to note the following:

  • Where are you traveling to? What is the length of the flight? Knowing this will help 
  • How many people will be joining you? Knowing the number of passengers will help determine what size private jet you’ll need. Which brings us to our next question…
  • What size plane do you need or want? If you only have 4 people, a Light Jet will work perfect. However, if you’re looking more around 12 people, with baggage, you’d be better off renting a Super Midsize such a Gulfstream V
  • Do you plan on booking a commuter jet or do you have a jet club membership? A membership has its advantages. Learn more about our Premier Jet Membership
  • When do you plan on traveling? Different times of the year will have different price ranges. 

What To Expect

Having the luxury to travel via a private jet has major advantages. The overall level of service you will receive with Premier Private Jets goes above and beyond anything you’ll experience if you were to book commercial. 

Let’s discuss how safety is regulated when flying privately. At Premier Private Jets, each flight that’s released undergoes a flight risk assessment that scores crew pairing, fatigue, complex airports/airspace, time zone differences, and other variables. These measures are all part of the processes that incorporates our Safety Management System (SMS). Another display of industry leading safety practices utilized at Premier Private Jets.

Private vs First Class

There are a few key differences when comparing renting a private jet and flying first-class on a commercial airline. The biggest difference would be service. The level of service you experience with Premier Private Jets is bar-none. Making a private jet rental is not just booking a trip, it’s creating an experience.

Knowing there are multiple different factors when booking a private jet, prices will vary. According to the NY Times, first-class tickets ended up costing close to $2,000 a person round trip, while chartering an eight-seat Citation III jet was $3,500 each. For that small price difference, booking private is the way to go. 

Why Use Premier Private Jets?

The Premier Private Jets experience is flexible, unique and available when you need it most. Attention to detail and commitment to safety make us the premier choice when it comes to luxury private jet travel. At Premier Private Jets we strive to provide a level of service that is unparalleled in the industry. Our customers travel with complete confidence knowing that every aspect of their private jet travel experience has been first class.