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Most share programs allot 50 hours for a 1/16th share of a jet. Or 100 hours for a 1/8th share.

We give you whole days—20 days for a 1/16th share or 40 days for a 1/8th share. Imagine that you flew just four hours on each of those days; your 1/16th share would provide you with 80 hours of flight time.

Busy executives know how much they can get accomplished in a day with a jet at their disposal. They can fly out and back to a distant location or visit multiple locations in a single 14-hour crew duty day and be home for dinner.

On your usage days, your flight crew stays with you, ready to depart early if needed, or later if important meetings run long. With other fractional programs you would likely need to schedule legs in advance and be dependent on the arrival of different airplanes for each leg.

Used wisely, PremierShares owners will fly more hours, accomplish more, and spend less. Much less, because share acquisition costs are also lower. Our WIFI-equipped aircraft are among the most durable and capable in the industry, equaling the productivity and comfort of newer and pricier models. We maintain them in-house in our highly regarded FAA Part 145 repair stations to ensure high dispatch reliability.

PremierShares are for road warriors who have places to be and deals to close. Are you a busy exec on the go—we'll keep you moving (and our cabins are a great place to unwind en route)!